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AUD $11.10 each Main Chassis Plate, brass 2801B

AUD $2.35 each Spacer 2801S
No stock
AUD $2.45 each Shim Plate Aluminum 2801SA

AUD $17.90 each Upright Set Front Suspension 2802A

AUD $4.75 each Independent Axle, black 2802S

AUD $3.50 each Guide Holder, steel 2803
No stock
AUD $3.70 each Guide Holder Aluminum 2803A

AUD $3.90 each Guide Holder, brass 2803B

AUD $9.50 each Lower Arms 2804
No stock
AUD $5.45 each Upper Arms Nylon 2804U

AUD $5.00 each T-Plate Brass 2805B
No stock
AUD $5.30 each T-Plate Aluminum, red 2805J

AUD $4.50 each Joint Plate (1 pr) 2806

AUD $5.00 each Body Mounting Plates Aluminum (1pr) 2807A

AUD $5.50 each Motor Brace 13D, black 2808J

AUD $6.00 each Rear Plate Steel 2809
No stock
AUD $7.80 each Rear Plate Brass 2809B

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